Basic Staking

What skills do stake pool operators require?

As a stake pool operator, you will typically have:

  • Operational knowledge of how to run and maintain a Cardano node on a 24/7 basis
  • System operation skills
  • Experience of development and operations (DevOps)
  • Server administration skills (operational and maintenance)
Can I run a private stake pool?

Yes, this is technically possible. It can be achieved by registering a stake pool and setting the operator rewards percentage to 100%, so that anybody that delegates to your stake pool will not receive any rewards. This will disincentivize delegators from delegating to you, but provide you with the ability to stake your ada and singly reap the rewards, while testing your stake pool operations.

Rewards Questions

How much money will I be able to make? Will it be profitable?

rewards calculator You can use the to get an idea of the rewards you will earn. It’s important to note that the calculator produces only reward estimates and shouldn’t be considered definitive or a guarantee of reward amounts. Over time, parameters may be changed that could affect reward margins. Amounts calculated are therefore subject to change, but represent a realistic and sensible level of return.

Are rewards guaranteed?

Rewards for delegation can be earned if you delegate to a stake pool that is sharing rewards. The amount you earn cannot be guaranteed and will ultimately depend on the stake pool, the amount of rewards shared, and its performance. It is worth noting that rewards will only begin to be granted from the end of the epoch in which the associated stake was delegated.

Other Questions

Will I be notified of network changes?

Updates and releases for the network will follow proper release schedules. We recommend operators follow our social media accounts for the latest updates.